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   Art of Hope: Community, Connection, and Support during the Pandemic

Art of Hope is a visual documentation project that aims to explore the messages of hope, connection, and support that the communities have shown during the COVID-19 pandemic through different art forms. By taking photos of murals, wall and floor arts, posters and notice boards, storefront writings at different locations within Metro Vancouver, the project intends to show how communities have come together in some noble ways to spread the messages of positivity and hope while also demonstrating the power of solidarity, kindness, and love during these harsh and difficult moments. The overarching goal thus is to demonstrate the strength and resilience of communities, and of humanity in general.

As we are collectively living through the unique adversities and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the notions of community and belongingness have never been more important. Amid the inundation of bad news about social injustices and the continuation of political polarities across the world, it is actions and gestures of generosity, support, and kindness in the community level that matter the most at the moment. This photographic project firmly believes that the documentation and dissemination of such messages will contribute to the meaningful and positive discussions about the community and community engagement.

Timeline: June-September 2020

Location: Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Supported in funding by COVID-19 Community Relief Fund from Embark Sustainability Society and RADIUS SFU

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