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Art on the street

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It was a sunny afternoon in September amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I and my 6-year old daughter decided to go on a hike on a nearby trail in the city of Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada, where we live. While hiking, she collected some dried leaves and fresh flowers to bring them home, and to make a nest for a duck that she had made the other day. On our way back, she told me that she was tired and wanted to take a bus ride. So we stopped at the bus stop. The bus stop had a well-lit advertising poster with images of penguins. I thought of an idea and asked my daughter to spread her hand with dried leaves and flowers as if she was interacting with the penguins or as if she was offering them the flowers and the leaves. I experimented with different shots but liked this one better than others because it feels like her hand is part of the advertising poster. I also like the reflections of trees and the roof of the bus stop on the poster.

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